【January 26】Population of Labour Migrants in Japan hits the highest record of over Two Million

On the website of Ministry of Health, Labour and Walfare (MHLW), the latest statistics on Labour Migrant in Japan has just been updated. (date was as of October 2023)

According to the MHLW, population of Labour Migrants hit the highest number of approximate 2,050,000 since its mandatory data gathering from labour migrants in 2007.

As for classification by Nationality/Region, Vietnam accounts for a quarter (approx.518,000 25.3%), followed by China (approx.398,000 19.4%) and Philippines (approx.227,000 11.1%), and the sum of these three nationalities accounts for more than half of all the labour migrants in Japan.

For more details, please refer to the link below. (available only in Japanese)




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