Inoue Immigration Consulting (IIC) started its operation on August 15, 2021 at Nerima-ku Tokyo. Mission of IIC to support migrants get settled in Japan and cooperate with Japanese neighbors through social inclusion to make communities more fun and attractive with diversity.

IIC is located at accessible point from Tokyo, Kanagawa and Saitama areas. Take this opportunity and feel free to visit the office.

Basic Information


Name of OfficeInoue Immigration Consulting
NameAtsushi INOUE
Belonging AssociationGyoseishoshi Lawyers of Tokyo, Nerima Branch (Registration Number: 21081074)
Address of OfficeEmiffice Nerima, 1-3-10 Nerima, Tokyo Japan (Postal Code: 176 – 0001)
How to visit the Office1. Seibu-Ikebukuro Line: Nerima Station (Central Exit)
2. Toei Subway (Oedo Line): Nerima Station (Exit A2)
*Office is located in the station
Date of EstablishmentAugust 15, 2021
Telephone Number03-5946-6529
Business Hours10:00-18:00, Monday-Saturday
Main Business1. Process of documents related to Status of Residence for Immigration Services Bureaus
2. Process of documents related to other local/national administrative authorities, Embassies and Consulates in Japan
3. Miscellaneous Consultation (nationality, inheritance of property, education, work environment etc)
4. Interpretation and Translation (Japanese, English, Tagalog)

Access to IIC

IIC is located inside Nerima Station and access is nothing but convenient without concerning weather, and it can also save your time!

For transportation, Nerima station is directly connected from/to several major terminal stations such as IKEBUKURO, SHINJUKU, SHIBUYA and YOKOHAMA. There is no need to change the train and makes your visit easy and comfortable.

Lines connected to major terminal stations are;

Seibu-Ikebukuro Line: Ikebukuro Station (about 7 minutes)
Toei Subway (Oedo Line): Shinjuku Station (about 12 minutes)
Tokyo Metro (Fukutoshin Line): Shibuya Station (about 18 minutes)
Tokyu Toyoko Line: Yokohama Station (about 55 minutes)

Other lines connected to terminal/hub stations are;

Seibu-Toshima Line: Toshima-en Station (about 2 minutes)
Seibu-Yurakucho Line: Kotake-mukaihara Station (about 5minutes)
Tokyo Metro (Yurakucho Line):
1. Iida-bashi Station (about 25 minutes)
2. Nagatacho Station (about 35 minutes)
3. Ginza-itchome Station (about 40 minutes)
Minato Mirai Line:
  1. Minato-mirai Station (about 60 minutes)
  2. Motomachi-chukagai Station (about 65 minutes)



To the Resilient Society with Diversity