-To the Resilient Society with Diversity-


1. Office in the station with multiple accesses

IIC is located inside Nerima Station at Nerima-ku, North-Central of Tokyo.

Right after getting off the train, client can find IIC without concerning weather nor walking around outside. Even when the time is strictly limited, consultation can be done in a very time-efficient manner.

Moreover, the station is directly connected to several major stations such as IKEBUKURO, SHINJUKU, SHIBUYA and YOKOHAMA. It makes client’s visit less stressful and fatiguing.

Business Hour is 10:00-18:00 from Monday to Saturday (with advanced appointment, consultation is available until 23:00). IIC is trying to adjust the best flexibility possible for client’s needs. For more details, please see below.

2. Abundant knowledge / experience with multi-lingual professional

As a former person-in-chief of Information Center at Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, I dealt with innumerous inquiries.

While clients are having difficulty in expressing their own cases, I am always confident in communicating through clear-cut words and explanations.

I am also highly fluent in English and Tagalog, which help client’s understanding easier without having someone else in between.

Please do not leave any concerns before it gets too difficult to handle, feel free to contact IIC with free of charge. For more details, please see below.

3. Practice of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

IIC strongly supports “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)“.

Over the decades, controversy related to migrants had been seen only among the interested parties. As of now however, Japan as a whole eventually has come to think seriously about how to cooperate with them after accepting.

Based on the Goals and Targets set in SDGs, IIC will respond to various consultations to facilitate stay of migrants more resilient and sustainable in our communities through social inclusion.

Also, IIC is a member of “Japan Platform for Migrant Workers towards Responsible and Inclusive Society (JP-MIRAI)“, which promotes decent work environment for all migrant workers in Japan.
IIC will proactively provide beneficial information to any stakeholders concerned. For more details, please see below.


10:00-18:00 Monday-Saturday
Emiffice Nerima, 1-3-10 Nerima, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 〒176-0001
Tel: 03-5946-6529

Email: inquiry@immi-consult.jp

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