Inoue Immigration Consulting (IIC) sets the table of fees based on the following facts and data, which make reasonable standard possible in order to respond to needs of every client.

1. Number of mid-/long-term residents in Japan
2. Characteristics of each Status of Residence
3. Types of belonging organization of applicant

NOTE: Unit of currency is Japanese Yen (JPY) without Consumption Tax (10 %).

In addition, IIC can contribute not only to individuals, but also to corporations/educational institutions etc, which are seeking for consultation for migrant workers, their families members, students and so on.

Table of Fees by Groups

Work-related Status of Residence


Spouse/Child of a Japanese National
Spouse/Child of a Permanent Resident
Long-term Resident
Permanent Resident


Status of Residence other than GROUP 1&2
(Student, Dependent etc)


Other Applications to be permitted additionally to existing Status of Residence
(Work Permit, Re-entry Permit etc)


Services available to corporations etc

GROUP 1 shows the procedures to stay in Japan for the purpose of work.

In principle, range of activity is designated/limited by each Status of Residence, thus if one switches employment or moves to different section, department etc. please make sure if s/he is allowed to work with currently holding Status of Residence.

GROUP 2 shows the procedures to stay in Japan based on one’s own relations with Japan or Japanese national.

This group also weighs kinship as a family (i.e. spouse and/or child), thus if any changes in family relationship take place, it is necessary to arrange supporting documents to prove what changes took place even at the time of Extension of Period of Stay. 

GROUP 3 shows the procedures with purpose other than GROUP1&2.

Some Statuses of Residence as “Student” and “Dependent” do NOT allow any activities involving work unless permitted, and “Designated Activities” must be well-checked because some activities allow the one to work, whereas others do not.  

GROUP 4 shows the applications with the condition that the applicant already holds valid Status of Residence. However, in principle, some types of Status of Residence (such as “Temporary Visitor”) do not have its own qualifications for these applications.

Also, when child is born under two foreign nationals, there is an application to grant the Status of Residence to new family member, too. 

GROUP5shows the types of services oriented for corporations, educational institutions or other forms of organizations accepting foreigners. IIC offers following services such as; 

(1) Consultation/Supervision: Offer various consultations, suggestions and guidance etc, and supervise both Japanese staff members and individual foreigner with regard to Status of Residence. (it is done in Japanese, English and Tagalog)

(2) Processing documents related to Status of Residence: Process of applications (see ***) during the contract period. (if the number of application exceeds 10, consulting fee must be negotiated and revised)

(3) Management of Status of Residence for employees etc: Provide notifications and the latest information as listed. (for details, see ****) 

Below are common premises applied to each GROUP. (as for GROUP 5, which is for corporations etc, 3. is NOT applied)

1. Abovementioned fees include translation from English/Tagalog into Japanese.
 For translation into other languages, feel free to ask at the time of first consultation.

2. Fees for transportation and Revenue Stamp are additionally shouldered to client.
 (fee for Revenue Stamp varies 1,200 – 8,000/application, or some applications do not charge any fees)

3. Completion of payment must be done by designated period of time.
 (half the amount is paid at the time of signing contract, and the rest is paid when receiving permission)



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